• File a New Court Case

File a new court case by lodging the application and paying the court fees, now or later, without any extra charge. To file an appeal or another judicial remedy, use Declare an Appeal in a Case.

  • Pay the Court Fees in an Existing Case

Pay online using the bank card, without any extra charge, the court fees calculated by the court or by you in an existing case before the court. The proof of payment will automatically be sent to the court for submission to the case file.

  • Declare an Appeal in a Case

File a judicial remedy (appeal, recourse, contestation, contestation for annulment, revision, etc.) in an existing case and pay the relevant court fees now or later, without any extra charge.

  • Submit Other Documents in an Existing Case

Submit any kind of documents, signed in handwriting and scanned or signed in electronic form, in an existing court case.

  • Obtain a Court Case Certificate

Get a court certificate with information about your case number, submission date, party names, and other data.

  • Obtain Certified Copies of Decisions

Obtain certified copies of a decision from a court case.